Total Google Domination for Small Businesses

Okay, my post title is a little “over the top” but you’ll understand what I mean in a minute. Most of my clients ask how much it will cost to get a “first page ranking” for a particular keyword phrase they are targeting but few ask…

“Is it possible to get multiple “organic” rankings on the first page? If you are a small business, this could be a major windfall for your bottom line.

While it may surprise you, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Generally speaking, there are ten organic search engine listings on each page for a particular term (aka keyword phrase). There may be more than this if the results include listings from Google Places or listings from Google’s Universal Search.

Most website owners get excited when their site is found on the first page of Google. However, aggressive marketers/SEOs know that it’s possible to occupy more than one of the organic listings for a term. SERP – or the Search Engine Results page – can be affected by what you do on your own website, but more importantly what you do elsewhere.  The role of publicity and news releases can not be underestimated.

This is great news for the site owners that understand this and not so great for those that don’t. It’s pretty simple to understand… the more “real estate” you occupy on page one, the more likely you are to increase your targeted website traffic and build your brand.

Just make sure to do your homework first because it does take a lot of effort to secure multiple listings. It won’t do you any good to get all ten spots for a term that brings little traffic or for a term that brings the wrong type of traffic.

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