Local Mobile Marketing

Do you have one of these fancy new iPhones or smartphones that everyone is talking about? Even if you don’t it’s critical to recognize that millions of people do! And that you need to not only know how this will affect your business, but more importantly how you can position yourself with a competitive advantage over others in making this new technology work for you.

If you thought internet marketing was important before, mobile search just made it that much more so!mobile marketing wilmington nc

Just imagine a potential customer driving home from work and they are hungry and tired from a long day. Of course they don’t feel like cooking so instead they pull out their iPhone and search for takeout restaurants in their area.

How essential do you think it will be for you to be the one showing up as the first Google map listing which their iPhone will then give them immediate GPS directions towards? I would say it is so essential that without it you might as well just close up shop now! As a matter of fact the official statistic is that the #1 listing gets 400% more clicks than the #2.mobile marketing wilmington nc

Even if your product or service may not follow this exact scenario, I guarantee there is a similar one that it would.

As smart phones gain more and more in popularity a greater and greater percentage of search volume will be done through them. So no matter what industry you’re in, you’d better be ready!

I’ve heard that there are three types of people in the world. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Don’t be one of those that wonders or watches this marketing revolution happen before your very eyes!

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