SEO Basics Video – How to Make Your Webpage Rank in Google

Do you have a WordPress-run website or are you thinking of creating one?

WordPress is a great platform for building both blogs and websites but there a number of things you can do to improve the on-page optimization.

SEO is critical for your mobile sites as well, so be sure your web designer is getting this right.

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SEO Terms Video – What is SEO, SERP?

Do you find SEO jargon confusing?

As Search Engine Optimization is highly technical, there are many specialized terms used when discussing this topic. As most of my clients are confused by these terms, I decided to write a blog post that explains a few of them in plain English.

WordPress SEO Basics

WordPress is a great platform for building both blogs and websites but there a number of things you can do to improve the on-page optimization.

If you only concentrate on improving three things, these top the list:


The Permalink structure controls how WordPress dynamically creates the url to your Pages and Posts and the default structure isn’t that great.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you publish a Page named, “Contact Us.” By default, the generated url would look something like:

Do you see the “?p=2” portion after the main domain name?

That portion is called the “Permalink” and is generated dynamically by WordPress as soon as you publish the Page. The “?p=2” looks a bit strange to human visitors and doesn’t tell the search engines anything about the on-page content.

While there are a number of Permalink structure options, I prefer using the custom “/%postname%/” structure.

After making this change, the “Contact Us” Page would now get a website url structure like this:
This makes more sense for visitors and will improve the relevance for the keyword phrases contained in your Post/Page titles.

Improving Your On Page SEO

The most popular SEO Plugin for WordPress is called the “All In One SEO Pack,” by Michael Torbert.

Installing it will give you a number of benefits including:

•    The ability to control the “meta title” for your homepage and for every Page/Post you create.
•    Control over the “meta page description” for your homepage and for every Page/Post you create.
•    Control over the “meta keywords” for your homepage and for every Page/Post you create (if you’re still in the habit of entering meta keywords).

Website Performance Improvements

The “WP Super Cache” plugin, by Donncha, will help your pages load faster for visitors and search engine robots (aka bots or search engine crawlers).

How it does this is a bit technical but I will do my best to explain…

Instead of serving up the dynamic WordPress pages the plugin generates static html files. After it generates the files, your webserver will serve those files instead of the WordPress PHP scripts (which are heavier and slower loading).

As this criteria now plays a role in the search engine algorithm, you enhance your ability to rank in the SERPs.

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Common Search engine optimization Terms You Must Know

As a top consultant for local businesses in Wilmington, NC, we are frequently asked “what is SEO and why is it important for my website to be optimized for SEO.  If you are planning to develop a website, either a standard website or a mobile website, it is critical that they be optimized for the search engines.  This article will introduce the key terms involved in Search Engine Optimization.

As Search Engine Optimization, or SEO,  is extremely technical, there are lots of specialized terms utilized when discussing this topic. I’ll list a few of the most frequently misunderstood terms beneath, beginning with SEO/SEM (and the difference between them).


Seo stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a set of methods employed by an Seo Advisor to enhance your website’s rankings within the search engines like google for a specific set of key phrases, or keyword phrases.  There will be far more on this subject later.  SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing” and it is becoming utilized  more and more by search engine professionals. In addition to the regular Search engine optimization strategies, SEM Consultants also specialize in:

  • Creating Pay-Per-Click Campaigns on the search engine of the selection… predominantly Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Buying compensated “inclusions” from search engines like Google. This is paying a search engine corporation to  assure that your web-site will be included within their search results.

2)  SERPs

SERPs stands for “Search Engine Outcomes Pages.” It’s the page that’s returned when an individual conducts a search by means of a search engine. Search engine optimization techniques are used to enhance your internet page’s ranking amongst the other “organic” listings inside the SERPs with the greatest objective of growing targeted website traffic.

3)  Keyword Phrase

It is really significant when you grasp the idea on the “keyword phrase” as it is the backbone of Seo. A keyword, or keyword phrase, may be the phrase(s) entered to the search box by an world wide web consumer. Since the search engines return the internet pages they believe to become most relevant for the keyword phrase entered, it is important which you recognize the idea and do your very best to optimize your pages for the keyword phrases you would like to be discovered for.

4)  Backlinks

Finally, we will discuss backlinks. Most Seo Consultants agree that the creation of backlinks (aka hyperlinks, website link constructing, one-way links, and so forth.) that stage for your pages really should be your main objective. You need to create high quality hyperlinks, that include your targeted keyword phrases and you have to do this on an ongoing basis. Search engine optimization is not a “once and done” sort of activity, it requires continual improvement/management to be really effective.

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